Life Purpose: What it is. 7 ways to uncover it.

13 Aug

Life Purpose: What it is. 7 ways to uncover it.

Your life is just beginning… Where do you start to look for answers?

Your life is just beginning… Where do you start to look for answers?
Right within you.

At this moment, you can be sure for one principle.

Remember what Fight Club taught us. We already knew it, of course. But it did a lot more. It threw it bluntly in front of our eyes. The awakening process begun.

Why you need to find your purpose in life.

Life has no meaning itself. You give meaning to your life.

You may have not a clear vision about your life purpose yet, but you may just feel deep inside you that you have one.

Finding your purpose, your mission, your life goal could be a long path for many people.

First things first.

The first step in order to uncover your purpose is to say: ”Yes. I am ready to follow my passion”.

Remember the saying: You can lead a horse to water but you can’t make it drink.

Ways to find your passion.

Do these when you have a spare couple of days ahead of you. Good things come to those who wait.

1. Clear your mind and ask your heart.

You need a peaceful environment. Find it. Create it. This is your life we are talking about. Do something. You have to disconnect from everything to find your true self. Past your all the nonsense. Get to what you will be sent to this earth to do.

Let’s say you are a morning person. If you are not: A] Convert this to your own schedule. B] Try to become a morning person for at least one day.

Let’s take it from the start again.

When you are done with your before-bed-routine and you are ready to sleep, do your preparation.

Silence all devices at home. All devices. Do it at least thirty minutes before you close your self and put them as far as they can go from your presence.

If you live alone, you have all the space you need to search within you. If you live with other people, inform them from the last night that you don’t want them to disturb you when they wake up. Tell your people to give you space and time. If you know that they are not ready to understand the real reason, find an excuse that helps your purpose. Avoid telling them that you are not feeling well or you are having an emotional breakdown. Think about it. You can come up with a much better idea. Unless you want them to be checking you every single moment, choose wisely. A good sentence is ”I want to sleep. I didn’t get enough sleep last time. So wait for me to come outside and don’t wake me up”. Try to get a ”You made yourself clear. I understood. I will let you alone as long as you need to.” type for an answer from them so you will know for sure that they listened to you and they consciously agreed with your terms.

Take plenty of water and healthy food with you to have in the morning in case you want to eat. A lot of good protein, good carbohydrates and good fats. For instance, Greek yogurt 0% for protein, oat meal for carbohydrates and nuts for fats. Healthy food makes you think better. Choose from your favorites foods but try to choose healthy, whole, not processed foods. Think carefully because if you have you live with other people, you won’t leave the room to go to the fridge and if you live alone, you don’t want to get disturbed by your hunger. Take water, food, dinner service and whatever you may need when you wake up. Trust me, you won’t starve yourself. This is just in case you want to eat. You don’t want to rush through the process because of hunger. Make your supplies for one day. You have one day, right? This is your life that we are talking about.

Close all your room doors. If you don’t have a key, put something big to block the entrance. If you don’t have this option, go to another place that you will know for sure it will be quiet. You want to be alone. You want to think.

Go to sleep.

Next day.

You wake up without a clock or another external reason. You wake up because you feel like it. You have a spare couple of days in ahead of you, and you just woke up. Take a big breath, stay to bed and think what do you want. What do you want right now. You are you and nobody else. What do you want to do? Breath again. Don’t get frustrated because you can’t come up with something right away. Take your time. Do the process again until you come up with something. What do you want? What is your purpose?

Replace answers like ”I don’t know what my life purpose is” with ”If I did know, what it could be? ”

Uncover this answer and you should see your new life in front of you.

You have to come up with an idea that motivates you, moves you like anything else before. You will know when you find it. It will hit you deep inside. It will make sense because the reason won’t be something that you have been told to do by another person or circumstances. You have to ask you.

2. Write down.

Take a white piece of paper and write down everything you love to do. Write whatever comes to your mind. Don’t think about it. Block all distractions and start write until you reach to the point where you have found your passion or you can’t think anything else that you love. Of course, the writing will always take more than twenty minutes. If you are determined, you will do further than that.

3. Discover yourself.

Research. What kinds of things do you love to do more than anything in life? What kinds of things do you love to do first thing in the morning? Where do you go to have fun? What do you love to do when you are having fun? Who is your best friend? What qualities do you love about yourself? What are your favorite hobbies? What books do you read and you get lost in them? What magazines do you read for fun? What websites do you visit in your spare time? What movies do you love to watch? What people do you listen to and respect? What did you do the last time you lost the sense of time? What is your favorite memory from your life? What did you do when you were the most proud of yourself? What motivates you? What overwhelms you with emotions? What brings tears to your eyes when you really focus on it and think about it? If you could do a job and not get paid to do the job, what job that would be?

There are hundreds of other questions if you want to continue.

Answer them, you will find the connecting link to your purpose. You have always loved doing your purpose even if you don’t know it. It’s within you.

4. Create yourself.

Take a white piece of paper and write down who you want to be. Create yourself from the very first beginning. You are born again and you have to do something with your life. You don’t have any family, you don’t have any friends, you don’t have any animal friends, you don’t have any lovers, you don’t have any other company, you don’t have anywhere to go, you don’t have anywhere to live, you don’t have any possessions, you don’t have any conscious or unconscious memories, you don’t have any best/ good/ not so good/ bad/ the worst moments, you don’t have emotional baggage, you don’t have a birthday day, you don’t have a name-day, you don’t have any money, you don’t have a must-done list, you don’t have any errands to do, you don’t have any clue what is going on to the world, you don’t have a personality, you don’t have a character. You have nothing. You are nothing. You only have your body. But you don’t care because you don’t know that. How do you want to spend your days? What do you do? Where do you start to create your life and make a name for yourself?

5. Create your legacy.

You are your own hero. Let’s play a role-playing game. Take a white piece of paper and write who you want to be in your mind. What’s your name? Who are you? What’s your body type? How do you wear your hair? How is your appearance? What cloths do you wear? What accessories do you wear? What shoes do you wear? Who are your parents? Who are your family? Where do you live? What do you do for a living? What do you like to talk about? After several years have pasted, how do you want people to remember you? What is the one thing you want people remember you for?

Go broader and ask yourself: What story I would love to unravel in front on of me?

What do you want to experience on a daily, monthly, yearly basis?

Change everything you can change. Embrace the others, they don’t matter.

6. The choice.

Before you move to another task, ask yourself ”Is that the best way to spend my time? What else I can do right now that I truly love more than this thing and that I have not thought until now?”.

7. The 3 key experiences.

Chose 3 key experiences you must have as individual. 3 key experiences that you want to do routinely in order to feel fulfilled and happy and connected with your life. It is unimportant how you name them or what form they have. They can have various forms. If you chase these 3 emotions, you ll be on purpose.

Discovering your true purpose in life is a process. It’s not one thing and forever. Your passion is connected to you. Life purpose equals experimentation, self-exploration and never-ending pruning. The good news is that your passion is reachable. Be consistent, and stay committed until you get the results you want. Every day you have just lived one day more and have one day less. The goal is to start living your true life right now. When the time passes, you will notice that you are actually living your true purpose life. You will be able to feel it to your bones and always you will have the desire to become bigger than the person you were yesterday. Your goals will never stop be there and follow you. But that’s the game of life. Choose your purpose and embrace every moment of your life, because you are the person who walks towards your goals. When you achieve a goal you come a step closer to what you want to become as a human being. And when you achieve all of your goals, automatically you create new ones. That’s why the process is endless. The journey is what matters the most. Focus on the present moment because that’s your life and you live it to the fullest one minute at a time. This is your life and it’s ending one minute at a time. But now, follows your terms.

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